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Expert SaaS Contracts Attorney Andrew S. Bosin LLC drafts SaaS Agreements For Affordable, Flat Fee SaaS Legal Packages. Please call Andrew for free consultation at 201-446-9643.

Leading SaaS Contracts Attorney. SaaS Agreements Lawyer representing SaaS companies, startups, vendors, resellers, entrepreneurs and Delaware C Corporation founders in reviewing, drafting and negotiating SaaS Subscription, MSA, Reseller, Enterprise, EULA, Vendor, Customer, Sales and SLA Agreements for clients in Washington DC, Boston, Atlanta, Connecticut, New York City, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Nashville, Indianapolis, Columbus, Ohio, Austin, Dallas, Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Houston, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, CA, Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Charlotte, Raleigh, Long Island, Albany, Rochester, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Chicago.

One of the things that distinguishes Andrew from other attorneys is that he has done the startup grind and in doing so risked his own time and money. Because he is a SaaS entrepreneur who built and scaled a Delaware C Corporation with partners as its General Counsel Andrew brings a fresh perspective and unique skill set to counseling SaaS companies that other attorneys have a difficult time matching.

What is it about Andrew's skill set that is so unique? Andrew, along with his partners literally took an idea, raised monies, built their SaaS application and then proceeded to market and sell their software to enterprise clients.

Along the way Andrew took SaaS go-to market sales training, built Sales pods and pitched his company's SaaS application to hundreds of potential enterprise customers.

Continually being in the weeds in his SaaS startup company and having to solve problem after problem that goes along with scaling a SaaS business makes Andrew the perfect SaaS Attorney no matter what stage of the lifecycle your SaaS company is in.

Please call Andrew for a free consultation at 201-446-9643.

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Signing a Contract
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Signing a Contract


Andrew offers clients affordable, low cost, flat fee SaaS contracts drafting, review and negotiations legal packages

From his own startup experiences as the General Counsel for a SaaS startup Andrew understands just how important it is to offer flexible payment and legal fees billing options to clients of all sizes.


SaaS Agreements Law Firm drafting smart and effective SaaS, software and cloud MSA, Reseller, Subscription, EULA, Licensing, Enterprise, Vendor, SLA, Sales and Customer Agreements and Templates

Top, Leading SaaS Agreements Attorney drafting, negotiating and reviewing SaaS Contracts and SaaS Reseller, MSA, Subscription, EULA, Enterprise, Customer, Sales, Services and SLA  Agreements.


Experienced SaaS Agreements Attorney drafting, reviewing and negotiating SaaS contracts and SaaS MSA, Reseller, Subscription, EULA, Enterprise, Customer, Sales, SLA and Services Agreements.

Andrew can draft, review and negotiate just about every type of SaaS Contract and Licensing Agreement to fit your legal needs.


Experienced SaaS Attorney drafting and negotiating SaaS Reseller and Channel Partner Agreements.

Andrew has helped many SaaS companies and vendors draft and negotiate SaaS Reseller and Channel Partner Agreements.

No matter the complexity of your SaaS legal issues, I have the experience to handle all of your legal needs and to represent you. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation.